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The Instructor

Mahender Patel

I am Mahender, I am the senior instructor at The Spiders’ Web.
 I have been training in my fantastic martial arts since I was 12 years old.
 MA has been my journey through life and it has been a very rewarding path that has helped me attain a level of self understanding.

Medals and achievements:-
3rd Dan – Kickboxing and Grappling – Contact Martial Arts
2nd Dan Choshin Kai, (Kali, Silat, Muay Thai) – Chinatown Martial Arts
Brown Belt 1st Kyu Judo – Ippon Judo Club
Full Instructor CMA
Level 1 instructor ROSS
CRB checked certified first aider.

Various Competition Medals in Judo, Sambo, Freestyle Stand up, Wrestling.


My instructors, the people I have trained with, and under: - Steve Crutchley, Steve Powell, Matthew Clempner, Alan Carlysle, Trevor Roberts, Steve Pullen, Jay Cooper (Calgary JKD), Ian Bromley.


In depth
There is no fear, only fear of fear.

I started training at 12 years old doing choshin-kai with Steve Crutchley at woodbank community centre. The same as a lot of people I saw my first bruce lee movie when I was a kid and always wanted to do something, there was also the self defence side of it but at that age it was less prevelant to me to protect myself, I wanted to do kung fu.

I always had major insecurity issues and low self confidence arising from a violent childhood and absent father syndrome.
Steve taught me physical and emotional well being through the usual diligence, training, support, and focus.

Over the years I was introduced to some of the most influential and inspiring people I will ever know and I will forever be loyal to him.

As well as having a 4th Dan in choshin-kai, Steve was also a freestyle wrestler having competed at national level, and an awesome ‘street’ practitioner. With an unequivalent mindset. I trained hard at Steves’ and also at Steve Powell’s Chinatown martial arts academy doing both Choshin Kai and Kali. I have attended many seminars and courses with top JKD, Filipino and Malaysian instructors

As many clubs nowadays attest to the generic banner of mixed martial arts, Steve Powell was teaching JKD concepts before they were known in this country, he taught his students and me an eclectic blend of different styles blended under a banner of choshin-kai,

I worked hard and attained my 2nd Dan with the Chinatown MA academy in 1992.

I also received my apprentice instructor (all sections ) in 1992.

At 16/17 Beer, Guitar and girls suddenly became important so training although still a major part of my life took slight second place to the former.

I was however learning all the time about the mindset of fighting, I had all the experiences of feeling the effects of adrenaline, fear and perhaps the most significant thing; fear of fear.

My biggest fear when it came to fighting was consequential fear ( ie I was always worried about the guy coming back with all his mates), many people will have different types, ( the punch that does nothing, initial confrontation, The stare ( I hated that one also).

I learned the truth of the matter is ‘what will be will be’ all these emotions were fear of fear, (I highly recommend reading Geoff Thompson’s ‘fear friend of exceptional people’).

So… through training I knew I had good technique but it was strength of mind and belief that was proving harder to attain.

When my training resumed full time in earnest we had shifted association and were now under the federation of Russian martial arts under Matthew Clempner and contact martial arts, Matthew Clempner has a reputation that doesn’t need reciting, anyone who is aware of him will know what he is about.

This was my introduction in to sambo, I also started training judo with sifu Alan Carlysle, although I learned many grappling and locking techniques with Steve P, I struggled with  the ability to apply these techniques as we were predominately stand up orientated.

Grappling (in all its forms) was an eye opener and transcended training to an equally hard but different level of fighting.

My biggest joy with training sambo and judo is that sambo didn’t do chokes and judo don’t do leg locks. So it was best of both worlds as far as I am concerned. At 5 ft 3 and 66 kilos I need every equalizer available for combat.

So I was training under kickboxing and grappling (generic term (Steve Crutchley)), sambo (matt Clempner, Chris Heath), Judo (sifu Carlysle, Andy officer), Jiu jitsu and all out brawling nights up at Trevor Roberts’s phoenix gym club)

Training at Trevor’s on the MMA nights was my first introduction to the ‘joys’ of being put to sleep. Thank you for that Steve.

A few of us started to get together in my friends old pre renovation house and put on a crash helmet and did some all out fighting. Now mindset was accompanying skill set.

All out fighting allows you to see how you will perform under stress. Lets you put your techniques and more importantly your mind to the test.

I have competed in many local and national competitions in Judo, Sambo, Submission, and stand up fighting, most recently getting silver medal under 72K and bronze medal, open weight at Bolton open submission competition. ( Trevor Roberts). I have been fortunate enough to meet many national, international, Olympic players in their game.

I am currently training for my 1st Dan in Judo under Steve Pullen MBE.

Every positive person I have met in my life I have attained a positive influence from.

Why am I explaining about my journey? Because…..

I haven’t done anything that a million people before me, and a million people after me haven’t done or won’t do.
I have however made it mine, and in that statement I have achieved.

Primordial emotions are what drive us all. Fear and what it caused me to not do when needed was my biggest hang-up, In my classes I predominately hope to teach people to deal with the fear of fighting, if you can take this over into your personal life (which you will) then one aspect of life becomes easier to deal with and maybe a few others.

Lesson One: Walk with your head up. Look the world in the eyes and make your presence known…. Try it !!