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Children’s Martial Arts (Junior spiders)


What to wear: - something non restrictive and flexible. Please try to not wear anything too baggy. NOTE:  THERE IS NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR ALLOWED ON THE MATTED AREA.


The Spiders’ Web offers junior martial arts for 8-15 years old.

The syllabus followed has the same structure as the adults class with a few of the dangerous techniques removed.

Juniors will learn exercise, co-ordination, fitness, skill, self respect, discipline and etiquette.

The Martial Arts taught will be practical and applicable. Students will learn to stand up to bullies; (also to understand why bullies bully) they will learn how to be aware of dangers, when it is safe to use their skills and when it is best to avoid using them. They will learn the consequences of misusing their skills.

We want the juniors to take pride in themselves and theirs. To protect those they love and help those who need it. We do not want to teach students to go out and become more violent and irresponsible. The Path of the Martial arts is to attain peace through knowledge and understanding. With this statement we can only teach so much in a certain amount of time, we would ask for support and encouragement from parents or guardians to help achieve the bigger picture.

PLEASE Get in touch to discuss classes and any concerns or queries you may have regarding class schedules, suitability or times etc.