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Do you think you would have the strength to push someone off you?
Do you think you would have the strength to drag your own body out of danger?

Combat Fitness
THURSDAY              5:15 – 6:15pm

What to wear:-  something non restrictive and flexible. Please try to not wear anything too baggy. NOTE:  THERE IS NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR ALLOWED ON THE MATTED AREA.

This class is open to people of any fitness level. The difference between combat fitness and the martial arts classes is that the emphasis is placed more on the exercises. Martial arts techniques are taught and unlike a lot of the fitness DVD’s and classes, the skills taught will give you real kicking and punching techniques. We believe every person should have a level of fitness where they can move themselves naturally; we call this a base level of fitness.

The exercises and skills will let you achieve this and beyond if desired. All of this requires effort from the student in achieving your goals.

Classes will commence with a progressive warm up into exercises. Fighting skill based exercises are incorporated and we ask that students do what they can to the best of their ability. In the beginning you are not expected or required to complete all exercises and skills but, over the sessions you will see improvements in (amongst others) your strength, coordination, mobility, fitness and well being.

The heart and body are going to be worked through natural body movement exercises.

Frequently asked questions

Is there contact? – Yes there is some, in a few of the exercises, e.g. wheel barrows, touch game. We are aware that some people may not be comfortable with this, if you have any concerns please come and speak to the instructor. We believe contact is necessary. Dynamic exercises with your partner are essential to build natural strength. If this could be a problem bring a friend.

Do I need any equipment? – No, as this is a fitness class yourself and your enthusiasm is all that’s required, we have equipment in the gym just bring a towel and water. There is no outdoor footwear allowed on the matted areas.

I have an old injury can I still train? – Yes, The onus is on you to judge your injuries and body condition, if you are unsure you must consult your GP.  The Spiders’ Web workout is physical and aims to target all the body; you will use all the muscles of the body. We will not be responsible for any injuries arising from undisclosed problems.