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Fees and equipment.

1 class per week ---------------------------------------- £5.00

2 class per week ---------------------------------------- £8.00

3 class per week ----------------------------------------- £12.00

4 class per week ----------------------------------------- £15.00

5 class per week (pressure test (by invite)) -----------£18.00

Monthly fee ----------------------------------------------- £40.00


 Monthly fee means you can attend as many classes as you wish per month, it cannot be carried over and must be paid on your first session of the month.


You may come for four sessions to see if you like it, then we ask that you join to continue.


Annual Membership ------------------------------------ £30.00

Your membership includes your Contact Martial Arts and FORMA license and your insurance.

All classes require that you acquire your annual membership for insurance purposes.


There is no specialist equipment required; however, we would recommend you to purchase your self a gum shield, box and sports bra (if needed).

Optional things (class dependant)

Training shoes
Bag gloves
Kick Pad/Thai Pad
Kali sticks (24 inch)
Practice Knife ( wooden or rubber)
Judo Gi

You may acquire this yourself or speak to the instructor who can supply these for you.