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KALI – Filipino martial arts

Monday 7:15 – 8:15

What to wear: - something non restrictive and flexible. T-shirt and shorts are ideal. Please try to not wear anything too baggy. NOTE:  THERE IS NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR ALLOWED ON THE MATTED AREA.

What are the FMA? – The Filipino Martial Arts is the generic name for the many variations of Kali and Escrima descending from the Philippines. The FMA are a proven battle art, they have been employed for centuries throughout the Filipino nation to repel invading countries. (Probably the most notable was against the Spanish invasion led by Ferdinand Magellan by the Philippine warrior Lapu Lapu in the 1500’s). The FMA incorporates a multitude of skills in weapons and empty hand (punching and kicking); they have the aim of despatching an enemy quickly so you can move on to the next enemy. 

Why would you want to learn the FMA? – Kali is a complete art for the street. To have the attributes (skills) of the FMA will stand you in amazing stead for many street altercations. To put it simply, at The Spiders’ Web we believe if you can move efficiently against someone wielding a knife then an empty hand attack will be a piece of cake. How? Simply put it, the mindset needed to be able to move against a knife is several levels beyond moving against a punch. The techniques and skills of the FMA are designed to eliminate an adversary quickly and effectively.

What do classes entail? – At The Spiders’ Web there are no gradings in this art, the art is taught for its beauty and purity. Classes are taught in structure, knife work to stick work to punching and kicking skills, this allows the student to learn how to wield their chosen weapon correctly using flow drills and sensitivity drills, repetition and conditioning. The FMA will open your eyes to the beauty and devastation of knife work and KALI. Classes include a warm up and warm down exercises that will work the whole body plus specifics to condition hands and arms to move, block and yield a weapon.