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Private lessons are available; please contact the instructor to discuss your requirements and how your requirements can be catered for. i.e fitness, competition,street.


Personal Awareness Courses


At The Spiders Web, we offer a Personal Awareness Course.

What is personal awareness?


Who is it for? – It is for anyone and everyone.

How long is it? – This course is designed to be taught in a minimum of 5 x 30 minute sessions, ideal for lunch breaks, it won’t take much time out of a working or studying day, the benefits will outweigh the time.
2.5 hours would be the minimum time required for the course. More time, if available; would give an ideal opportunity for participants to practice more. A lot of work courses can be long winded and heavy going, this course is designed to give the participants enough to digest each day without sending them to sleep. It will keep enthusiasm and learning optimum.

What does it entail? – This is not a Martial arts class. Each session is designed to follow the last one and help instil basic effective martial arts techniques into the mind. You will learn how to be aware and to avoid potential threats before they become, you will learn techniques to break away and protect your self, you will learn offensive techniques (strike first), and you will learn a trigger technique to get your mind able to use these techniques when they are needed. You will learn the implications and the law surrounding defending yourself (self defence and reasonable force) also, you will have time to practice the techniques and get any questions you have, answered.


Cost and other info – The course is designed for classes of no more than 6- 8 people at a time, this helps people to feel comfortable in the class and helps participants to practice and learn.

For 6 people doing the course the cost would be £30.00 (+ Vat) per person. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and how we can help you if you have more or less people.
Example:- if you have 18 employees we could offer a five day course, 30-40 minutes per group of six per day.

Extras – Coward muggers, bullies, scumbags, attackers, thieves, rapists, all these type of people follow a similar MO of targeting potential victims. You will rarely hear of a 6ft 5 bodybuilder who was the victim of a mugging or theft or sexual attack.

These people operate with a motive of weak is prey (similar to the animal kingdom). Don’t make your self a potential statistic, walk tall and confident. No one can teach you not to be scared; this course will teach you to remain calm in a crisis. It will help you turn the fear and adrenaline into usable controlled aggression giving you enough skill and energy to subdue the attack within the confines of the law.

With knowledge comes power – you will feel good about yourself. Your confidence will show and emanate from your aura. You will conduct yourself with pride and renewed enthusiasm. Certain mindset skills can be taken with you to every other aspect of your life creating a positive outlook both at work and play.